Why are we stuck with technology when all we really want is stuff that simply works.

As photographers, we often find our selves hauling around loads of gear for every shoot, only to end up using no more than 10% of it all. Most of us have our preferred lens and body combination.

For me, its the 70-200 f2.8 on my D800 body. You see, i like that telephoto focal length (makes me sorta feel like a snipper), then the compression is another fantastic thing about the lens, everything in the back just seems to quiet down and behave. LoL.

Ask your self, whats your favorite combo? are you the wide angle guy/girl who likes to be in the thick of the action? Or the midrange kinda ‘tog who is not too close but not too far, shooting portraits of people and small groups? Or are you the snipper who loves candid portraits. Whatever your preference, ask yourself, what’s your favorite combo.

Unfortunately for us we find ourselves stuck in what i call “techno limbo”. Now, thats the situation where you love your combo, but then the manufacturer has put out this new snazzy upgrade or alternative to what you had and you suddenly feel you current gear is inadequate and you itch with envy for the new one. You start wishing and wanting. Hoping and praying. Then one day, boom, you buy it, love it, rock it, for a few months and then there is another. #SIGH. You start all over again.

Gear Envy, Gear Acquisition Syndrom, these are other names for the things technology does to us.

Deliver yourself from this bondage, sell stuff you don’t use and or need.